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Dig This Chick

A fourth generation Montanan raising a fifth, I am founder and owner of Dig This Chick (www.digandco.com), a brand that inspires connection, adventure and experience on the homefront and in the wild. Since 2007, through my writing, social channels, educational classes and online marketplace, I encourage people to get outside with their kids, embrace dirt under their fingernails, make bread, love nature, plant beets, and preserve the summer’s bounty in jars.

I want to teach everyone how to can jam.

Before the pandemic, a big part of my heartwork was teaching in-person homestead workshops on canning, sourdough bread baking, gardening, pie making, and camping. I love helping people discover their creativity and resourcefulness through working with their hands, and how to include their kids in it all.

When the worldwide lockdown occurred in March of 2020, I wanted to help, to give, to share my knowledge widely. In addition to sharing canning and cooking tips on social media, I offered up my online canning and gardening courses for free for 48 hours and nearly 1000 people downloaded my educational resources and learned to grow and can food during a scary and uncertain time. Since then I have taught seven canning and sourdough bread baking workshops over zoom.

During groundless global anxiety, I love connecting with people all over the world about the joy and satisfaction in self-sufficiency.

Ball products are what I use and what I encouraged my students to use because of their accessibility and reliability. My canning course guidebook contains links to Ball jars, lids and rings (and when there was a great shortage last summer, I helped folks located Ball products at their local hardware store and online storefronts that still had a stash!). My students also use Ball jars to hold their sourdough starters.

If I were the receive a Made for More grant, I would further develop my online canning course offerings and grant scholarships, with particular focus on low income women and people of color seeking skills to sustainably feed their families by putting up fresh food to last the year.

Thank you for your consideration.