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Delicacies Jewelry

Delicacies Jewelry

We believe food is love, giving back is baked in, and Ball 4-ounce jars deliver pure goodness. We are Delicacies Jewelry, the world’s first full-line of fine jewelry for food lovers, established in 2013. Our food jewelry pays homage to whole, simple ingredients including garlic, rosemary, avocados, eggs, chickens and many more. We craft our jewelry in sterling silver, 14K gold and diamonds and have partnered with leading food brands Barilla, Morton Salt and creating jewelry that honors iconic foods like pasta, doughnuts and salt.

Giving back is baked in
Our inspiration comes from Bishop Desmond Tutu: Do your little bit of good where you are. It’s those little bits put together that overwhelm the world. Every Delicacies purchase donates to hunger-relief organizations to do good in our communities. We donate proceeds from every purchase, which equates 512,000 meals so far. Our next goal? One million meals!

Since March, we’ve increased our giving to (in Minnesota) and (in Merida, Mexico). In May 2020, we separately raised $4,600 via GoFundMe, helping feed the families of El Renacer when the situation was most dire due to a tropical storm that deluged families with 32+ inches of rain in a week. We’ve personally helped purchase, assemble, and deliver hundreds of food bags in 2020.

John was elected the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for Loaves & Fishes this year, and has provided weekly counsel to its executive director, helping increase meal distribution from a planned 1.5 million meals to over 4 million meals in 2020.

In December, Delicacies was recognized by The New York Times as one of 2020’s best Gifts That Give Back.

Our packaging: Our jewelry is thoughtful and symbolic. Each piece comes with a mythology card, explaining what the food has symbolized over time and across cultures, and a meals donated card.

But the pièce de résistance? Each comes packaged in a 4-oz quilted Ball jar! We spent months looking for packaging that properly conveyed our motto – food is love. We finally found our answer in something that evoked nostalgia and meaning for us: a Ball jar.

Growing up we enjoyed the taste of pure summertime goodness during the long Minnesota winters, thanks to Ball jars. We knew whatever was preserved in those jars was homemade, delicious it was love! It’s that very sentiment we want our customers to feel when they open our jewelry.

We’ve heard from hundreds of our customers about how much they love the packaging our pieces come in, frequently via social media. They love twisting open the top, hearing the faint pop and seeing their beautiful ingredients. We especially love it when our customers up-cycle the jars, filling them with their own chutney, jam or preserves!

We love giving back. And we love our Ball jars of pure food jewelry goodness. We hope you do, too!

Bon appetit!

Nicolle & John