The Flower Lady
The Flower Lady

The Flower Lady

Hi! My name is Christina and I am the happy owner and flower farmer-florist behind the business: The Flower Lady. I live, work, and grow fresh cut flowers and herbs for a variety of local clients in historic Over-the-Rhine, a small neighborhood in the inner city of Cincinnati, OH. I have also been serving as the volunteer coordinator for the Over-the-Rhine People’s Garden, the oldest community garden in the city, since 2014. The COVID pandemic fueled an even stronger desire within my heart to share my trade of flower farming and the healing benefits gardening provides with the youth and neighbors living in my community.

When the virus first spread to Cincinnati, instead of wringing my hands, I cautiously and eagerly returned to the community garden once the stay at home order was lifted.  I committed to safely providing free “grow your business” garden lessons to the youth participating in the Wesley Chapel Mission Center’s Summer Camp.  One hundred campers signed ups ranging in age from pre-K to 8th grade. The students and I met once a week in the garden where I offered free three 30-minute gardening classes. Topics included: how to grow your own food and cut flowers, saving and preserving your harvest, and how to arrange and sell flower bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages for profit. After safely completing summer camp we were able to continue our garden lessons into the fall and winter, and have plans to continue meeting in 2021!

Ball brand home canning products have been essential to my small business and to our community garden! I am so thankful for their availability and versatility. I love using them with them youth where they often serve as gorgeous vases for their flower and herb arrangements.  They also serve beautifully as mice-proof storage vessels for expensive seeds and garden hardware. In addition, I regularly pack my lunch in them, preserve my garden harvests in them, and use them to create my recycled doll-head planters. They are the perfect size!

I often say to myself, be the change you wish to see for the world.  It is my mission to help educate my community about the benefits of growing your own food and flowers. Not only is gardening something I truly enjoy, but I feel skills that allow us to be more self-sufficient are more important than ever before!  I feel blessed to be in a position to be able to give back to the community especially at a time when people living in the city need a dose of nature the most.  Being the recipient of a small business grant will enable me to grow my urban cut flower business and ultimately give back more to my community.

Thank you, in advance, for your kind consideration, and for this dreamy opportunity. Peace, love, happiness & flowers!

Christina Matthews